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Eternity Swimming Cap

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Black Eternity Swimming Cap

Eternity Swimming Cap

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This is such a Sydney story.

For the 37 years spanning 1930 to 1967, a man named Arthur Stace walked the streets of Sydney ... and wrote on them; one word, always the same word, in yellow chalk in large, elegant copperplate.

That word was ñEternity.î

He worked before dawn, alone and in secret, travelling to a different neighbourhood every day. For decades this divine prank mystified the people of Sydney. The scrawls were an enigma. People grew up with them. Columnists wrote about them. Street sweepers swept around them. Artists like the late, great Martin Sharp were inspired by them.

Before his conversion to Christianity in 1930, Arthur was a derelict alcoholic on the ñedge of insanity.î Then one day at a Baptist Church (now the Eternity Playhouse on Burton Street in Darlinghurst) he heard a noted give-em-Hell preacher shout to the congregation: ñI wish I could shout ïEternityÍ through the streets of Sydney.î He repeated himself and kept shouting ñEternity, Eternity.î The words rang in ArthurÍs head as he left the church. He began to cry, bent down and wrote it for the first time. He knew what he had to do.

Our Eternity design celebrates Arthur Stace's Eternity by faithfully reproducing his iconic scrawl.

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