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Bondi Merchandise

Posted by Remo Giuffre on

Good morning! Earlier in the week we posted a REMO announcement in our Bondi Fresh Daily blog HERE. That was to let our local readers know that we are back up and serving CustOMERs with a range that included a dedicated portfolio of designs relating to Bondi. The range that includes T Shirts for Men, T Shirts for Women, Tote Bags, Notebooks and Other Merchandise can be browse all together HERE.

You don't need to live in Bondi to feel a little bit of its spirit inside you.

Below is a selection of the merchandise that celebrates our home in Bondi.

PS: f you live in Australia, have a relaxing long weekend.

REMO Head Bondi

REMO Head Bondi T Shirts for Men HERE

Bondi Local T Shirt for Women

Bondi Local T Shirt for Women HERE

Bondi Notebook

Bondi Notebook HERE

2026 Loud & Proud

2026 T Shirt for Men HERE

Bondi Swimming Cap

Bondi Swimming Cap HERE

Live in Bondi Tote Bags

Live in Bondi Tote Bags HERE

Waffleweave Travel Towel

Bondi Waffleweave Travel Towel HERE

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