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Palmistry Hands & Bondi's Gypsies

Posted by Remo Giuffre on

Now for a little shameless (and yet interesting) cross promotion. Yesterday we reposted this piece about the history of Bondi's gypsies in our Bondi Fresh Daily blog.

Bondi's Gypsies

... and we took the opportunity to talk about our Palmistry Hand design.

Palmistry Hand Design

Palmistry, the art or practice of reading a person's character or future from the lines on the palms, has been around for a very long time. Information on the laws and practice of hand reading have been found in the bible and early semitic writings. Aristotle (384~322 BC) discovered a treatise on palmistry on an altar to the god Hermes. The Greek physicians Hippocrates and Galen (AD 130~200) were both savvy re the the use of palmistry as a potential clinical aid. And Julius Caesar (102~44 BC) judged his men by palmistry.

Advances in genetics, psychology and forensics (e.g. fingerprint technology) have propelled palmistry into the modern age. Medical researchers studying skin patterns (dermatoglyphics), have discovered a correspondence between genetic abnormalities and unusual markings in the hand e.g. research has confirmed a link between specific fingerprint patterns and heart disease. (Handy to know.)

Here are some REMO'esque ways to show your hand:

Palmistry Hand T Shirt for Women on Black


Palmistry Hand T Shirt for Women on Black

Palmistry Hand Messenger Tote

Palmistry Hand Messenger Tote

Palmistry Hand Notebook

Palmistry Hand Notebook

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