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Acme Nightingale

Acme Nightingale Call Canvas Totes

  • $35.00

Hudson & Co. (Whistles) Ltd. in Birmingham England since 1870. Their website HERE.

We used to sell a whole range of them in our REMO General Store ... including the very wonderful Acme Nightingale Call from which this label has been lifted.

Acme Nightingale Call

Contrary to what Keats might have to say about this, your heart won't ache once you've managed to get hold of one of these babies.

Was it a vision, or a waking dream?

Fled is that music: Do I wake or sleep?


Made from 100% cotton canvas this bag features reinforced shoulder straps.
Available in a natural cream colour.
One size. The main body measures 38cm x 40cm

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