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Our Story

REMO is an online General Store with a rich offline history and reputation.

REMO People December 1988

REMO was launched in Sydney in 1988 as a physical General Store.

REMO General Store in 1995

We traded famously (can we say that?) for 8 years from the corner of Oxford and Crown Streets in Darlinghurst, serving & delighting a global network of CustOMERs in 104 countries; celebrating quality and passion in people and merchandise gathered together from all over the world.
 HQ Magazine 1991

From Day One our focus was on high quality functional merchandise that manifested an authentic story.

And here is the logo:

REMO Head Logo

… eerily familiar to some of you we're sure.

We generated a lot of marketplace heat in the early 90s, and grew to be a sizeable local business with a global reputation.

Busy REMO in December 1993

Our catalogues won many awards and were known and revered all over the world. REMO Catalogues Selection. J Peterman with the Award Winning 1991 Catalogue.

For a number of backend reasons, REMO went into hibernation in 1997 (we were living in the US at the time); but then in 2002 we came back online with a transactional version of from a new base back home in Sydney.

 REMO Home Page in 2007

We served CustOMERs online for 10 years, but ran out of steam for that version in 2012. Here's how the website was looking shortly before we put it all on ice.

Screen Shots from taken on 30 April 2012

That was a fun ride too. Maybe you were there with us.

If you're interested in more REMO history (including all of the twists & turns) browse THIS flickr slideshow:

And for even more background check out General Thinker, a book that chronicles the history of REMO in the context of the struggles that are inherent in the living the creative life of an entrepreneur.

REMO | Act III in Bondi

It’s been 4 years since Melanie and I were out there and serving CustOMERs (OMER is REMO back to front, get it?) … and we finally feel ready for what will be Act III of the REMO General Story: REMO | Act III in Bondi.

REMO Bondi Home

This time we’re going to operate a global direct-to-customer online service from our home and garage here, very near to the beach, in Bondi; super local and authentic … but very special.

REMO Online in Bondi

Yes indeed. Mom & Pop are back in the saddle with a simplified REMO brand only offer, and you get to deal directly with the founders. And it's a family affair. Our 21 year old  daughter Lola (at Uni in Melbourne) is freelancing as our designer, and our 17 year old son Roman will be helping us out with production when time permits.

Giuffre Family Business

Why Are We Excited?

REMO Act III in Bondi will serve to bring a much loved 28 year old brand back to life. We're excited about bringing the brand back for our CustOMERs because it feels intuitively the right thing to do.

We're also excited for these 3 reasons:

1. Starting from scratch means that we can dramatically SIMPLIFY.
2. Focusing on our brand puts everything in our CONTROL ... and maximises the FUN.
3. It reconnects us to what was a great & global CustOMER COMMUNITY.

Bondi Fresh Daily

In preparation for this relaunch Melanie and I launched a blog in August 2015 called Bondi Fresh Daily. With the new REMO business launching here in Bondi, we figured that it would be good to integrate it closely with the local community.

Bondi Fresh Daily

Bondi Fresh Daily is a love letter to our beachside community … and will provide context for this new REMO General Store.

Check it out at … and subscribe to our daily blasts HERE.

That's all from us. We hope that you've enjoyed our REMO General Story.

Remo & Melanie Giuffré
Bondi Beach, 20 May 2016

Remo & Melanie with Pearl

PS: Here's a short video that we made to mark our relaunch: