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Florent Notebook

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Restaurant Florent (1985-2008) was a New York institution serving solid French bistro fare at non-exclusive prices in a low-key, congenial, Downtown atmosphere. What kept that atmosphere ignited was an eclectic clientele and, even more critically, the vision of owner (and longtime CustOMER) Florent Morellet.

When he originally opened in this decidedly unfashionable spot, it was to give New Yorkers a reliable, round-the-clock eating establishment away from the hype and glitz of the "scene." The clientele, in its early days, was restricted to those who knew it existed (and could find it), which was not knowledge easily obtained, since florent barely advertised and was on a street deep within the meat packing district, when that was still mostly just a meat packing district.

This design celebrates the restaurant's iconic letteræboard upon which florent would post both the daily specials ... and, as an HIV positive man, his T cell count.


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