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Guru Adrian

Guru Adrian T Shirt for Men

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Q: Who Is Guru Adrian?
A: To most followers, he’s The Guru You Have When You're Not Having A Guru. In Asia he's The God of Fun. In Europe, The Guru of No Age Consciousness.  

Q: How old is Guru Adrian?
A: Around 300 years ago, at age seven, Adrian Speshelperson discovered the Secret of Eternal Youth with his Junior Science Kit, and has not aged a day since. 

Q: Is He Man, Boy or Spirit?
A: Indeed, he is. 

Q: Is Guru Adrian Real?
A: Nothing is Real and Nothing is Free. Appreciating Nothing is one of the foundations of Adrianetics. 

Q: What Is Adrianetics?
A: Adrian's revolutionary Philosophy of Fun. The Uninitiated cling to unhappiness created by their past. The Fun-initiated let go, knowing that Any Situation's A Potentially Fun Situation. Adrianetics is the secret to living a Funfulfilled life.

Q: What Makes Adrianists Different From Normal Folk?
A: Adrianists see life with a child-like freshness, not through eyes grown stale from routine. By embracing Adrianetics, they avoid becoming Groan Adults. 

Q: How Do Adrian's Teachings Compare to Those of Other Prophets?
A: Comparing the Guru to other prophets is like comparing oranges to oranges: One's a fruit and one's a color. 

Q: How Do I Become An Adrianist and Start Having Fun?
A: As soon as you think you may be an Adrianist you are an Adrianist and should behave accordingly.

Q: But Why Fun?
A: Fun is the highest state of existence.  As Adrian says: Having Fun Is Half The Fun.

Q: If Having Fun Is Half the Fun, What's the Other Half?
A: Giving Fun.

Q: How Do I Begin Having and Giving Fun?
A: By studying this site and gaining a practical knowledge of Adrianism you are already on the Path To Eternal Fun. Giving a Guru Adrian T shirt helps too. 

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