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Live in Bondi where Life is Better!

This slogan and its accompanying graphic is actually quite old. The 1930 Bondi Publicity League was formed by a group of Bondi Beach Real Estate Agents. The Great Depression hit the area hard; and each Saturday, members of the Bondi Publicity League would decorate their cars, trucks and bikes and tour the western suburbs of Sydney handing out leaflets and talking up the value of living in Bondi. They sponsored surf carnivals, free theatre in the Pavilion ... and Saturdays and Sundays were devoted to rental bargains to be had in the area!

The red circle at the centre of the graphic is not a reference to the Japanese flag (no surprises there). It is rather a reference to the Bondi Tram and the symbol that was used to represent the Bondi Line.

There was an electric tram service from the City to Bondi Beach that ran from 1902 to 1960. Trams were frequent and fast. ThereÍs even a saying to prove it: to "Shoot through like a Bondi tram."

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Bondi Tram "Shooting Through" at Sculpture by the Sea 2017 by Simon Rathlou

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