Lola's Daisy Chain Notebook

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Sculpture by the Sea is the worldÍs largest outdoor free-to-the-public exhibition ofæcontemporary sculpture, staged along SydneyÍs spectacular Bondi to Tamarama coastalæwalk each October/November. Each year the exhibition, which attracts over 500,000ævisitors, exhibits approximately 100 works by artists from Australia and overseas. It hasæbecome a Sydney institution ... a joyous celebration of coastal creativity!

In 2004 theæthen nine-year-old Lola Giuffr_ decided that she wanted to submit somethingæfor that yearÍs event. At the time the Giuffr_ familyælived in a rented house at Tamarama, overlooking theæcoastal walk, and Lola's Mum Melanie would often take Lola on walks to pick the daisies.

For Sculpture by the Sea, the Daisy Chain was her first idea ... and what an idea.

The chain of 35,000 custom-made polyester silk daisies, the purchase of which wasæunderwritten by her Godfather Dare Jennings and supported by friends and family,æran the entire 1.5km stretch, extending from the south end of Tamarama Beach ... all theæway to the Bondi Icebergs, and thanks to aælong relationship with restaurateur MauriceæTerzini, actually all the way through the iconic Icebergs Dining Room and Bar.æ

Lola with Daisies

The project involved hundreds of people and thousands of hours. It became a real localæcommunity endeavour.

Lola at Bronte Public School with Daisies

The experience taught Lola a valuable lesson, and reminded us all that a good idea is onlyæpart of the story. Execution is also crucial, and that execution usually involves a lot ofæeffort from many people.

To celebrate LolaÍs Daisy Chain we naturally produced a REMO T shirt which faithfullyæquotes words from her ArtistÍs Statement:

ñI like daisy chains because you start with something little, and end up with something big.î

Lola Daisy Chapter of General Thinker

Lola's Daisy Chain is Chapter [67] of General Thinker

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