Organ Locator T Shirts

  • $55.00

ñNo, itÍs over there!î we said to a CustOMER who was sure that her appendix was about to burst.æñOr maybe itÍs back here. We can never remember.î

Do youæknow the dilemma? Back in early 1991 in Treviso, Italy over a plate of pasta (and maybe a bit tooæmuchægrappa), designer Douglas Riccardiæcame up with what we thinkæmay be aægood solution. We forwarded the idea to another designeræGeoffrey Gifford, who obliged us withæsome great typography.

HereÍs the result. Organ names printed in nice type faces on bothæsides of the T Shirt tell you exactly whatÍs what and whereÍs where. Problemæsolved.

Please adjust for shrinkage, and if pain persists, see a doctor.

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