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Sandman Canvas Totes

  • $29.95

Sandman (a radio & television personality in Australia) is the comic creation of Sydneysider Steven Abbott. Steve describes "Sandy" (as he was known in the day) as: a lugubrious, miserable, totally self obsessed, only child, loser who speaks in a dull monotone voice.

Despite his shortcomings Sandy was shrewd observer of the human condition. Here are some of his better known slogans: Failure requires no preparation; It's easier to love something that reminds you of yourself; Losers create winners; Gimmicks create interest where originally there was none; The human body is made up of 90% praise; and ... Eat fast, it's good to finish first at something.

The character first appeared in 1980 as a morose tortoise in a show for children. Later the tortoise turned into Johnny Goodman, Master of Sad. In 1993 Johnny morphed into the Sandman who every morning for 7 years on ABC Radio Triple J delivered "Advice to the Unpopular", or shared his life via "204 Bell Street" (the world's slowest moving radio serial). In 1997 he moved on to television and is perhaps best remembered for appearing totally naked to a national audience.

This inspired Michael Bell design first appeared on a T Shirt in 1994.


Made from 100% cotton canvas this bag features reinforced shoulder straps.
Available in a natural cream colour.
One size. The main body measures 38cm x 40cm

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