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Red Smile

Smile Tote Bags

  • $40.00

Who could be nasty to someone wearing this shirt?

This beautiful big smile has an interesting pedigree. It is based on a previous version that we used for a Crown Street Window in 1993 and subsequently printed onto a REMO T Shirt in 1995. That version had been lifted from a fax that we received in 1991 from designer Tucker Viemeister in New York. Tucker, in turn, had lifted it from a box of Italian toothpaste, the manufacturers of which had at some point lifted it from who-knows-where.

Anyway, back to the smile. In 1995 it became the hero of our annual photograph!

REMO People 1995

Would the original owner of this smile please contact the archivist at the REMO General Store.

PS:æMarvel at Tucker's global toothpaste collection. Awesome!

Tucker & Toothpaste

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