Sydney Skinny Tote Bags

  • $25.00

The Sydney Skinny Ocean Swim is the world famous nude Ocean Swim at Cobblers Beach, Middle Head National Park in Sydney Harbour.

A truly unique and joyous event. Challenge yourself, use it as a precursor to a life change, or just use it to celebrate life and all that is good in the world. Join in for this all-ticketed, spectator-free swim that sheds pretences along with clothes - no matter your shape, size, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, financial status or physical ability.

And even better, you can take this opportunity to raise funds for their wonderful charity, Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife. $5 from the sale of e very one of our T Shirts and $3 off the tote bags will go straight to them!

The last Sydney Skinny happened on 19 March 2017.

For more information, visit the Sydney Skinny website HERE.



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