Ute Dog T Shirts

  • $55.00

This design was submitted to us in 2006 by CustOMER Simone Russell.

Here's an extract from her CustOMER Idea email:

"Hi! I discovered you a month or so ago when I was looking for 'zoobs' and have since bought them both for my son and for his friends for birthdays. I have also indulged in some of your t shirts - they're great. I have had this image kicking around my cd/ archiving cupboard for a while, and thought it may look okay on a shirt for farm-y types (or inner city ute driving sheep shearing wanabees... is there such a thing?) I'd be interested to know what you think. I created this image many years ago when starting out in graphic design ... and yes, you guessed it, I live out in the sticks!"

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