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NB: We are experiencing delays in the repair of a faulty heat press. Next orders that include T Shirts bearing designs will ship from Monday 21 January.

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Checking In & T Shirt Issues Update

Checking In & T Shirt Issues Update

Hello again. Just a reminder that our T Shirts are on sale for the next couple of weeks. See the original post below ... BUT this email is also to make you aware of two pieces of housekeeping news:

1. Black Large for Men. We are currently sold out of Men's Black T Shirts in the Large size. We have more arriving mid February, but for now you'd need to either: order at the sale price and be willing to wait a month to receive your tees; or go up or down a size; or select the same design in white. 

2. Faulty Heat Press. The press that we use to affix our design onto T Shirts is playing up and needs a service. Our guy is not back from his break until the end of next week ... and so we won't be able to send effected orders out till then. Sorry! It was a bad time of the year for this to happen. Sydney still sleeping.


From now until Sunday 27 January use the check out code HNY19 to have 25% taken off your T Shirt orders from the REMO General Store.

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Melanie using the press that is currently on the blink!

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