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Black Plain Smart

Cotton Velvet Eye Mask

  • $36.00

Another CustOMER favourite is back!

Our famous Cotton Velvet Eye Mask ... lovingly handmade here in Sydney.

This is not just an in-flight thing. It seems that lots of people like to sleep with an eye mask on. Bedrooms get flooded in sunlight a bit too early for some. And shift workers need to be able to create night at any time. But, for many more, it's become a sleeping ritual to rank alongside: bedtime reading, hand cream and maybe a little nightcap.

Life before the REMO Eye Mask was tough. Wearers had to make do with the nasty freebie versions that they give you on planes. They are generally made of plastic and nylon and, as a result, tend to rustle when you move and make your eyes sweat! They also let little bits of light in from underneath.

We reverse engineered a series of eye masks from around the world and decided that what they all needed was a winged keel of padded black cotton! Many prototypes, meetings and samples later (we even had Tiny Tim test drive one of them), we settled on the current design; made by hand in Sydney from pure Belgian cotton velvet.

Back: Original Blue or Limited Edition Burgundy

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