Takeout Coffee Enamel Mug

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Takeout Coffee

Takeout Coffee Enamel Mug

  • $33.00

Hand drawn in New York in 1985 by Remo Giuffr_, 3 years prior to the 1988 launch of REMO in Sydney.

The design is a montage borrowing the best bits from a number of New York's ubiquitous take-out coffee cups. A true icon to The Metropolis, this cup is gazed upon by millions of sleepy New Yorkers (and detectives on stake outs) as they read their papers and munch on their bagels.

A familiar and intimate image for bankers and hustlers alike. A great leveller.

Enamel mug with metal lip. 80mm tall x 85mm wide.
Mug made in China. Design applied in Australia.

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